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CID4 Announces Launch of oHours

The Colorado Institute for Drug, Device and Diagnostic Development (CID4), a 510(c)(3) not-for-profit entity focused in advancing the Colorado life science ecosystem through company creation and job growth, announces the launch of oHours (Office Hours), a new community service.

oHours provides private, confidential, one-on-one meetings, hosted by domain experts who are versed in successfully starting and running life science companies. oHours provides the Colorado life science ecosystem with an additional resource that adds to the basket of knowledge exchange/transfer opportunities available in our community via free access to subject matter experts who are available to directly answer specific technical questions, and/or accelerate the elucidation of inquiries. The program/content targets the biopreneur, scientist, academic, clinician, industry veteran, post-doc and graduate student.

Two introductory sessions (4 and 7 June) will provide a schedule of planned program content, session schedules and instructions on how to access and secure appointments online.

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