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Colorado Institute for Drug, Device and Diagnostic Development Awards Funding to KromaTiD

CID4 has selected Fort Collins, Colorado based KromaTiD, Inc. to receive investment and operational support services. CID4’s support will help KromaTiD develop and bring to market next generation tools for identifying disease-causing mutations.

“KromaTiD’s novel technology provides an exciting and important new tool to researchers and clinicians to detect unique changes in DNA, allowing them to detect various diseases quickly and accurately,” said Lauren Costantini, Ph.D., Vice President of Therapeutics and Device Development at CID4. “CID4’s capital and management resources will assist with the initial launch of this groundbreaking research tool, and allow KromaTiD to accelerate the development of clinical diagnostics.”

KromaTiD’s proprietary technology enables the imaging of individual strands within a chromosome, giving researchers and geneticists the unique ability to detect inverted DNA segments (inversions). Chromosomal inversions, which can be inherited or caused by ionizing radiation or mutagens, are genetic abnormalities known to be associated with cancers and developmental disorders.

However, because inversions occur within individual chromosomes, they have been difficult or impossible to detect by conventional imaging, array or sequencing methods. KromaTiD’s technology represents the first genome-wide inversion discovery and detection platform. The company’s research tools increase the resolution of inversion detection by at least 10-fold over current approaches, enabling new areas of disease research and ultimately a new class of clinical diagnostic tests.

“KromaTiD is an outstanding example of the innovative life science companies that are driving economic development in Colorado, and we are pleased to be able to add them to our portfolio,” said Kevin M. Smith, President and CEO of CID4.

“KromaTiD’s inversion discovery and detection technology has been in beta testing since late 2011. N¬ow with our partnership with CID4, we are excited to begin our product launch providing these unique tools to biomedical researchers worldwide,” said Christopher Tompkins, Ph.D., President and CEO of KromaTiD. “Perhaps most exciting is that our platform has applications far beyond just detecting a single type of mutation and is truly a next generation approach to chromosome imaging and diagnostic testing.”