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What is CSU Ventures and what does it do?

CSU Ventures provides all technology transfer and commercialization services for CSU faculty and researchers. We connect individuals and companies in the private sector with the brilliant innovations developed at CSU so that the University’s research has the greatest impact possible. Learn More

How much does it cost to license a CSU Ventures innovation?

There is no one-size-fits-all license. We strive to accommodate the particular needs of each licensee and will utilize a situation-appropriate combination of terms, which will depend on the innovation and the type of license desired (exclusive, non-exclusive, field of use, etc.). Most licenses require an upfront licensing fee and ongoing royalty payments. Licenses to startup companies looking to backload the financial terms will often contain equity and milestone payment terms.

Does CSU Ventures negotiate sponsored research agreements?

We often act as matchmakers to bring the private sector and academia together for mutually beneficial collaboration. Although we sometimes participate in discussions regarding the terms of sponsored research at CSU, ultimately the agreements are negotiated by the Office of Sponsored Programs at CSU.

What are CSU’s specialty areas of research?

CSU faculty conduct research in a wide range of technical disciplines. If you’re looking for an expert on a particular topic, contact us and we may be able to put you in touch with a CSU researcher in that field.

Can my company conduct research using CSU space and facilities?

CSU welcomes collaborative research opportunities with your company. In addition to sponsoring research in the lab of a CSU faculty member with access to CSU’s Specialized Facilities, CSU also has state-of-the-art incubator facilities (including wet lab space) available for your company.

Is it possible to own the IP resulting from sponsored research at CSU?

The intellectual property (IP) rights to any innovations developed or discovered solely by CSU researchers will be owned by CSU, who will transfer those rights to CSU Ventures. We will then license those rights to the industry sponsor as per the terms in the sponsored research agreement with CSU.

Is it possible to negotiate a sponsored research agreement and a license to the resulting IP at the same time?

Although sponsored research agreements frequently contain terms for a non-exclusive license to the resulting intellectual property (IP), exclusive licenses must be negotiated after the IP has been created. In addition to “private use” restrictions that CSU is subject to (among others), it is nearly impossible to value an innovation before it is created since neither party can predict what it will be. We will strive to be fair and to accommodate your particular needs when negotiating the license.

I don’t know who to talk to at CSU Ventures.

A good place to start is by contacting our office at (970) 491-7100, or simply email us using the Contact Us form. You can also view our Staff Directory.