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For investors and entrepreneurs looking to get involved early in the lifecycle of a startup, we have multiple opportunities to engage. The below is a list of CSU startup companies either still forming or just recently formed. Contact us to learn more about any of these early stage companies.


Focused on providing novel solutions to unmet needs in the food and water safety industries, Lumiere Diagnostics has several integrated proprietary technologies that are currently in field testing.


Diazamed develops targeted medical devices by the unique advantages of Diazamed’s chemistry and “mix-in” technology to expand capabilities and overcome limitations in various medical devices. By not coating a device with a substance, but rather incorporating our unique chemistry into the bulk material, Diazamed’s technology solves a critical medical problem, fouling of implanted and inserted devices. Using catalytic materials we prevent protein and thrombus attachment, providing solutions where only partially effective remedial fixes have existed. The Diazamed technology eliminates the side effects, the costs and the common failures typically found coatings in use today. Our innovative business model allows for capture of full value for the technology in contrast to traditional coatings companies. Diazamed will initially focus on both implanted and indwelling devices such as: PICC lines, central venous catheters, dialysis catheters, and shunts. All of these initial products are 510(K) devices that are represented on the market coated with various technologies, but all have issues such as adhesion of coatings, lack of performance of the coatings, or limited lifetime of the coatings. Due to the fact the Diazamed technology is compounded into the polymer these devices are made from and then extruded, we suffer from none of these issues.


SurgiReal will provide synthetic mimics to skin, organs and appendages with layers of realistic texture and thickness so that human and animal healthcare students can use these models to practice basic surgical skills such as making incisions, suturing, tissue handling, and controlling blood loss in a more realistic manner than previously possible.

3D Insight

A still-forming company that will develop GIS-based decision support solutions to be delivered as software-as-a-service (SAAS).


A non-profit dedicated to promoting a sophisticated planning tool for comprehensive design of development projects, utilizing a holistic approach to integrating environmental, social, and economic considerations.

XUV Lasers

A company founded to commercialize a state-of-the-art, ultrahigh frequency (low wavelength) ultraviolet laser. Possible applications for the laser include custom semiconductor fabrication and visualization, biological tissue analysis (based on mass spectrometry with very high spatial resolution and minimal sample degradation), and laser spectroscopy for basic research applications.


With a mission to bring social science into practice, Caros utilizes renowned experts and behavioral science thought leaders to solve the most difficult behavioral challenges facing us today: wasteful energy use and unsustainable consumption of natural resources. Caros takes a pragmatic approach in order change behavior, influence policy, and integrate human behavior with technology in order to create sustainable solutions for the design and operation of buildings, large organizations, and communities.