The year-long CSU Ventures Ambassador Program enhances the connection between CSU Ventures and CSU faculty and students. Engaging graduate students and post-doctoral fellows to serve as Ambassadors provides career development opportunities such as identifying innovations, developing non-technical communication skills, and networking with startups and the Northern Colorado entrepreneurial community.

Since the inception of the Ambassador Program in 2012, there have been 30 Ambassadors from 16 departments across all eight CSU Colleges (Agricultural Sciences, Business, Engineering, Health and Human Sciences, Liberal Arts, Natural Sciences, Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, and Natural Resources).  Each academic year, CSU Ventures accepts 5-10 Ambassadors.

The 2019-2020 Ambassador Program application process has closed.  Check back in early summer 2020 for the 2020-2021 cohort application.  Graduate students and Post-Doctoral fellows interested in applying should speak with their primary advisor/supervisor PRIOR to completing an application, as advisor/supervisor approval is required as part of the application process.  

Ambassador Program Goals

Ambassador Program Goals:

  1. Enhance communication with CSU academic departments.
    1. Communicate a basic understanding of the importance of the technology transfer process
    2. Communicate the role of CSUV to fellow graduate students and CSU faculty/staff
    3. Communicate their own area of study succinctly and clearly to a broad audience
  2. Develop basic tech transfer skillsets capable of supporting CSU startups and technologies.
    1. Competitive Landscape analyses
    2. Market Research Analyses
    3. Prior Art Searches
    4. Process Workflow and Ecosystem Mapping
  3. Help CSUV identify innovative research, creative works, and potential inventions.
    1. Interact with fellow graduate students to identify research occurring in specific labs
    2. Summarize research topics to help better inform CSU Ventures staff
    3. Highlight new faculty and their research
  4. Support licensing staff by providing background information, identifying and evaluating intellectual property
How will I benefit?

By the completion of this program, Ambassadors will:

  • Communicate translational research in a clear and understandable manner
  • Identify commercial opportunities for CSU technologies by building a competitive landscape analysis
  • Deploy Lean Launchpad methodologies to prepare University discoveries for success in commercial markets
  • Engage peers to communicate the value of participating in CSU Ventures’ programs

Ambassadors receive a $1000 honorarium per semester ($2000 per program year) and are eligible to receive up to $800 reimbursement (per program year) for expenses incurred for professional development or academic travel.

PDF:  2019-2020 Ambassador overview and application form

Qualification Requirements

Qualified applicants are:

  • Graduate students in a Masters or PhD degree granting program or Post-Docs at CSU
  • Individuals who exhibit excellent communication & networking skills with students and faculty
  • Interested in discovering and moving technologies from early concept to the marketplace
  • Able to commit an average of 5-7 hours/week for the full academic year
  • Able to obtain approval from their primary advisor or program administrator to participate in the program
Program Engagement

Generally, Ambassadors should budget an average of 5-7 hours per week to engage in the following types of activities:

  • Ambassador Program Orientation
  • Regular Ambassador Training Meetings/Seminars
  • 2019-2020 Opportunities for Communicating with the CSU Community:
    • Graduate Student Showcase- November 12th, 2019
    • Research to Market (R2M) Program, January and February, 2020
    • CSU Demo Day- April 23rd, 2020
    • Other events as identified during the program year