The Advanced Industries (AI) Accelerator Grant Programs were created in 2013 by the Colorado Legislature to promote the success of seven designated industries in the State of Colorado. These industries include: Aerospace, Advanced Manufacturing, Bioscience, Electronics, Energy and Natural Resources, Infrastructure Engineering, and Technology and Information. Grants are available for proof of concept research, early-stage capital and retention, infrastructure funding, and AI Exports. The AI Accelerator Grant Programs are administered through the Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade (OEDIT). See the program website for additional information.

Proof of Concept Grants:

Under the AI Accelerator Proof of Concept (POC) Grant Program, funding is available to support the commercialization of technologies being developed at Colorado research institutions in any of the seven AIs listed above. There are two channels through which these funds are available to CSU researchers, which are described below.

CSU Ventures Allocation:

Under the AI Accelerator POC Grant Program, technology transfer offices at Colorado research institutions with significant annual research expenditure are allocated funding to award to promising POC projects in the advanced industries. In FY2017, CSU Ventures has been allocated $638,736 to award to POC projects at Colorado State University. To apply for this funding, please see application instructions here.

First deadline is 4pm on September 26, 2016.