Colorado State University professor Bryan Willson arrived on the Fort Collins campus more than 25 years ago to teach design. His students, and a passion for energy research, led him on a journey of discovery to find cleaner and more efficient ways to power our world.

He and a team of faculty, researchers and students worked together to create the Engines and Energy Conversion Laboratory, transforming the former municipal power plant in Fort Collins into a hub for innovation. This is what is now the Powerhouse Energy Campus where vision and innovation help move the technology market to benefit the world.

The Bohemian Foundation has supported him since his start up days.

“Bohemian Foundation became the first funder for Envirofit, but they were doing more than just writing checks,” Willson recalled. “They were mentoring us in how to form a successful business. We made a lot of mistakes along the way, and Bohemian was a very patient funder. Ultimately that patience has really had an impact on the world.”

Bohemian Foundation is providing a $6 million gift to CSU to create the Bryan Willson Presidential Chair in Energy Innovation. Not only does the gift ensure that Willson will be able to continue his groundbreaking work, it allows CSU to recruit top talent for years to come.

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