Cetya Therapeutics, Inc. announces the award of a $240,000 Phase I STTR grant over a 12-month period to support the in vitro assessment of its histone deacetylase inhibitors for upregulation of fetal hemoglobin as a potential treatment modality for sickle cell disease. Even small increases in the level of fetal hemoglobin can mitigate the severity of symptoms associated with sickle cell disease. Drug intervention that aims to increase expression levels of  fetal hemoglobin is one potential therapeutic approach to reduce the underlying pathology and provide clinical benefit to these patients.

“I am excited by the potential of Cetya’s portfolio of HDAC inhibitors based on the early data that I have obtained. It will be very encouraging if those initial results translate to sickle cell patient samples to be examined under this STTR grant”, stated Dr. Susan Perrine of the Boston University School of Medicine and co-Principal Investigator for the grant along with Dr. Robert Williams of Colorado State University.

Cetya has the exclusive worldwide rights to the histone deacetylase inhibitor patent estate developed in the laboratory of Dr. Williams, University Distinguished Professor of Chemistry at Colorado State University.

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