Are you interested in Recycled and Recovered Materials?  If so – check out the Colorado NextCycle program:

The State of Colorado is looking for the next big idea in recycled and recovered material end markets. Colorado NextCycle, a program of the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE), is now accepting applications (letters of intent) from teams with an interest in establishing a new end market or expanding an existing end market for recovered commodities or organic materials within the state of Colorado.

This is the second season for the program that helps to identify teams, provide technical and business support, and nurture viable recovered materials end-market business ideas to fundable/shovel-ready status.

The 2019-2020 season of Colorado NextCycle has started with the official ‘Jump Kit’ release. The Jump Kit contains criteria and instructions on how to apply to participate in the program and access to a free library of resources to assist project teams in developing and strengthening their letters of intent. Letters of intent will be accepted through November 22, 2019 at 4:00pm MT.

Teams accepted into Colorado NextCycle have access to:

  • Business Development Bootcamp: a multi-day business planning-focused bootcamp hosted at Galvanize Boulder (travel and registration cost are covered).
  • Technical Advisory Committee: Experts help guide teams in business planning, recycling landscape, investor pitches, market collaboration, commodity values, and supply chains.
  • Preparation for Future Funding: Colorado NextCycle is followed by multiple CDPHE competitive grant rounds.
  • Business Consulting: Assistance from RRS’ economists, recycling practitioners, engineers, and graphic designers.
  • Pitch Session: Each team will step in the spotlight to pitch their business ideas to potential investors and partners (travel and registration costs are covered).
  • Recycle Colorado Summit for Recycling: Complimentary registration to the state’s recycling conference.
  • State Resources: Advisors from CDPHE and the Office of Economic Development and International Trade provide teams with access to a range of resources and data.
  • Colorado Networking: Assistance with connecting to for-profit, non-profit, and governmental actors around Colorado.
  • Recognition and Publicity: Colorado NextCycle and the selected teams are promoted through various media outlets.

Teams accepted into the first season of NextCycle (2018 / 2019) were eligible to apply for CDPHE’s ‘End-Market Development grant. The end market development grant, which closed earlier in October, will provide up to $1.5M in funding to teams creating or expanding end-markets for recyclables and organic materials within the State of Colorado.

Teams interested in joining the second season of NextCycle should visit the project webpage for continued updates: or email the project team directly at