Gregg Steinberg, CEO of Growcentia has been honoured in the Business Worldwide Magazine (BWM) Awards for pioneering work in the biotech industry. He was the overall winner in the category “Biotechnology CEO of the Year – USA“, greatly impressing the judging panel with his clear commitment to sustainability.The title was handed out as part of the BWM 2018 Global Corporate Excellence Awards which identify and honour the most respected companies and their C-Suite executives, rewarding outstanding performance, innovation and ethics across international business and finance communities.

Growcentia is an up-and-coming agriculture bio-tech company working to revolutionize the way the industry works. With the world population set to top 9.6 billion by 2050 and increasing concerns about the environmental impact of the agriculture business, there’s a pressing need to change the way we produce crops. Rising to the challenge, the Colorado based company has developed a new, eco-friendly solution to industry problems, in partnership with Colorado State University. The research team, led by company Co-Founder and Chief Growth Officer Colin Bell PhD, received grant funding from the US Federal Government to identify biological solutions for crop farming; producing stronger, better and healthier crop yields in the process. Growcentia’s patented organic phosphorous solubising microbial technology is 100% natural, offering a sustainable, nature-friendly alternative to GM crops.

The company’s core values are value creation, education, health, integrity, consistency, community and environment, working with stakeholders from impact investor to farmers. By creating new microbial technologies and delivering nutrient-rich foods to the market, Growcentia is part of an important global movement that is revolutionising the way people think about farming.

Gregg Steinberg told BWM’s reporter, “Ours is a big vision, but it’s big visions that make the difference. We at Growcentia are a small team of committed individuals with a common interest in making a difference in the world and bringing nature back to agriculture.”

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Originally seen in PRNewsWire, 2/7/19