Congratulations to this year’s recipients of the Innovative Excellence Award: Joel Bedford, Andrew Ray and Susan Bailey, co-founders of KromaTid, a CSU startup company that provides products and services for mutation detection and disease diagnosis. KromaTiD’s patented dGH™ chromosome imaging platform enables detection of all types of chromosomal rearrangements including previously undetectable cryptic inversions.  Launched in 2013, KromaTiD’s research products and services are paving the way to a deeper understanding of genetic diseases, including cancers and developmental disorders.

The CSU Ventures Award for Innovative Excellence is presented to a researcher who is not only an innovator, but someone whose innovations have been transferred to industry and are exhibiting strong potential for commercial success. With this award, CSU Ventures seeks to recognize the research excellence and acknowledge the impact that their innovation has outside of the University, on the lives of many people around the world. This is award is presented each year at the annual Celebrate CSU award ceremony during the spring semester.


Other presitgious Celebrate CSU awards:

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