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Colorado State University shattered records for research expenditures this year, spending $447.2 million to acquire knowledge to protect people from disease, recover drought- and fire-ravaged communities, and respond to the climate emergency. 

Total research expenditures grew by 10% in fiscal year 2020-21, more than triple the year-over-year rate of the previous fiscal year. Over the past five years, the university’s research expenditures have surged by 35%. Most of the funds come from the federal government, with significant contributions from state government, nonprofit groups and industry.   

From behind the numbers emerges a portrait of CSU’s research endeavors expanding global reach and touching diverse topics. From engineering to behavioral sciences, medical research to sustainability, bio-cybersecurity to animal welfare, CSU researchers are advancing solutions to some of society’s biggest challenges while also revealing wondrous things about how the world works. 

“The growth of our research enterprise is extraordinary – yet absolutely reflective of the scope and caliber of the research we do here at CSU, and the urgency with which we conduct it,” said President Joyce McConnell. “Our faculty, staff, graduate student and undergraduate researchers are focused on problems that need answers right now, and they are determined to make a positive, demonstrable impact with their work. That impact will be felt here in our own community, across the country and, in some cases, around the globe.” 

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