Congratulations to the C. Wayne McIlwraith Translation Medicine Institute for an exceptional community and vision-building grand opening on Monday, May 6, 2019.  The event was filled with thoughtful and deeply felt nuggets of wisdom, as well as bright moments of unexpected humor.

“At the event, Dr. David Frisbie, Director of the Institute, recognized the vast number of people who helped raise funds for, construct, and shape the spacious, light-filled and modern facility on the university’s south campus, from the project’s inception in 2013. Since moving into the space in late 2018, Frisbie said he’s given countless tours, most of which end with people expressing amazement at their surroundings.  Dr. Frisbie acknowledged the donors, including Leslie and John Malone, CSU President Tony Frank, and Princess Abigail K. Kawananakoa, a direct descendant of the Hawaiian royal family, who sent an official proclamation to mark the event.

Tony Frank, chancellor of the CSU System and president of CSU, in a nod to graduation season, also described how the TMI will play a role in making a real, fundamental difference toward improving the lives of animals and humans:

“Over the next few weeks, we will be telling all sorts of people how they’re going to go out and change the world,” he said. “They’ll collectively do it, as a large generation that will have a sweeping change on how our generation has done things. Among that group, there will be individuals that will see things in a different way, and they will foster very real change. In my mind, that’s what we’re here to celebrate today. TMI, if you will, is about to graduate to a place that will really change the world.”

Excerpts taken from the original post:  Mary Guiden, SOURCE, May 9, 2019