Full Story, The SOURCE, May 4, 2020

CSU Ventures Award for Innovative Excellence

This award is presented to a researcher who is not only an innovator but someone whose innovations have been transferred to industry and are exhibiting strong potential for commercial success.


Christopher Orton
Department of Clinical Sciences


A leading authority in veterinary cardiovascular surgery, Orton is highly regarded for starting the first veterinary open-heart surgery program in the world. He has built his career at CSU since joining the Clinical Sciences faculty in 1983.  Dr. Orton incorporates new technology for teaching innovations; interacts with Colorado livestock producers, especially in the beef, dairy and equine industries; and champions research advances, including those with translational potential. Orton’s own work, examining use of new technologies and techniques in heart surgery, exemplify this so-called “One Health” approach to medicine.


CSU is one of just a few clinics in the world where vets perform open-heart surgery on dogs


Learn how Dr. Orton performed the first successful beating-heart mitral valve repair in a dog with severe mitral regurgitation