“One of the ways that a research university provides a direct return on society’s investment is via technology transfer.” – Tony Frank, President of Colorado State University

Commercializing your innovation is a powerful way to amplify the impact of your work. Technology transfer augments traditional academic activities (such as publishing and presenting) and can greatly increase the impact of your work by putting it to use.  To see a list of 100 key innovations that stemmed from university research, click here.

At CSU Ventures, we help you transfer the results of your academic work to activities outside the University. Whether you’re still at the idea stage or already have a patentable invention, a useful software program, or anything else of value to someone outside the University, we want to work with you.

This website is an introduction to CSU Ventures — who we are and what we do. It’s also a good place to remind yourself of key information later on. The site covers:

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websites are nice, but ultimately we’d love to talk with you. Contact us any time.


Watch our Video to Learn More About Working With CSU

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