As a 21st century land-grant institution, Colorado State University encourages its faculty and researchers to ensure that the ideas, innovations, and materials developed in their academic and research activities have impact beyond the university setting. Transferring the commercial rights of these innovations to the private sector can allow the public to benefit from society’s investment in CSU.

We can help you by guiding and facilitating your innovations through the technology transfer process. Typically this involves:

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Looking to launch your own company? Forming a startup is a lot of work, but we can help.

As an innovator, you need to understand intellectual property.  Most often we license to an established company, but sometimes it’s best to form your own startup company. Either way, we need to protect your innovation in order to have something worth licensing. Read how intellectual property works  to gain a better understanding of this process.

Your cooperation and assistance are crucial to success, although we do as much of the heavy lifting as possible. Learn more about working with us.


Watch our Video to Learn More About Working With CSU

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