Marketing the Innovation

We look for companies that want your innovation. We do this using a variety of tools and resources, including:

  •  Inventor contacts,
  •  Professional networks,
  •  Subscription databases,
  •  Patent searches, and
  •  Tradeshows.


We do most of the work, but you can help. You probably have a good idea of which companies could use your innovation and may also have contacts within these companies. When presenting your technology at conferences and professional meetings, it’s important to mention that you have disclosed your innovation to your technology transfer office.

We prepare, send and post marketing materials to potential licensees. Once we identify companies that may want your innovation, we contact them. With your assistance, we prepare and send a brief, non-confidential summary of your innovation, its benefits, and its applications. We also post the summary online.

Our marketing search may yield multiple positive results depending on the type of innovation, its stage of development, and the amount of serendipity encountered. Hopefully, we will find one or more companies that will:

  • License your innovation
  • Sponsor further research in your laboratory
  • Hire your students
  • Engage your services as a consultant
  • Or all of the above.