Forms & Agreements

Invention Disclosure Form

This is the first step in the development and commercialization of your inventive work. We use this form to evaluate the commercial potential of your disclosure, and the path of legal protection that is possible or desirable. You can use our NEW inventor portal to disclosure your invention through a secure online interface.

You may also use our  Invention Disclosure Form (Word) if you experience difficulty with the portal or prefer not to sign up for a portal account.

Confidential Disclosure Agreement (Non-Disclosure Agreement)

Are you looking to find out more? If you want more information on a technology than is described in the Non-Confidential Summary, a Confidential Disclosure Agreement may be used to disclose information to potential licensees in the evaluation stage. It serves to protect proprietary information, although does not reserve rights to that information. See the description of Option Agreements, below, for that function.

License and Option Agreements

If you are interested in an available invention, you will want to secure rights to the intellectual property. An Option Agreement will put those rights on hold while you evaluate their potential. A License Agreement transfers rights to you in order for you to diligently bring the intellectual property into commercial use.

Although we have standard terms that structure our license and option agreements, we customize each one to fit the type of technology and the needs of the parties involved. Please contact us to discuss the principles of licensing and terms of an agreement if you are interested in an available technology.

Inter-Institutional Agreements

When more than one institution has developed an invention/technology, we enter into an Inter-Institutional Agreement to define the roles and responsibilities of each party in relation to the management of the invention.

Sponsored Research Agreements

As a leading research institution, companies and other organizations often seek to sponsor research on campus. CSU’s Sponsored Programs can guide you through this process.