Like most new companies, CSU startups need more investment, seasoned leadership, and networking opportunities. CSU Ventures is always looking for experienced individuals to work with startup companies. Types of assistance include:

  •  Angel and venture capital investment
  •  Executive management
  •  Scientific advisement
  •  Accounting and human resources management

If you would like to engage a CSU startup in one of these areas, or others, please contact us.

Licensing CSU Innovations

In some cases we sell, but most often we license. A license is usually the best way to ensure that we meet our obligations (e.g., Bayh-Dole Act ) and ensure that everyone receives fair value.

We try to be as flexible as possible when negotiating. We recognize that innovations coming out of the University are not all the same and that they go to a diverse set of industries. We strive to accommodate your needs and to structure a license that works for you. Possible terms that we may include are:

  •  Upfront fee
  •  Running royalty
  •  Equity
  •  Milestone payments
  •  Annual minimums.

We are also cooperative on the non-financial terms, as well, such as:

  •  Development milestones
  •  Patent prosecution
  •  Patent enforcement
  •  Reporting requirements
  •  Insurance.


Some terms are simply non-negotiable. As representatives of CSU, we have our own requirements in a license, a few of which cannot be negotiated. The right for CSU researchers to use the innovation for non-profit research and education, indemnification of CSU and CSU Ventures, commercialization progress reports, and an absence of warranties regarding the innovation are all terms required in every agreement.


Watch Our Video To Learn More About CSU Innovation

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