Research at Colorado State University continues to grow, covering global concerns such as:

  • Cancer
  • Infectious disease
  • Clean energy
  • Natural resources
  • Atmospheric sciences
  • Health and exercise
  • Computer sciences
  • Food science and nutrition.


CSU is particularly proud of its research in cancerinfectious disease, and clean energy.

CSU encourages collaborations with industrial, foundational and educational partners. The University offers world-class investigators and fully- equipped laboratories. CSU aims to provide real-world experience for students of all levels, developing a more valuable workforce by graduating experienced students ready to contribute immediately, and creating jobs by licensing and commercializing technologies.

CSU offers state-of-the-art incubator facilities, including wet lab space, to companies looking to establish a presence in Northern Colorado. For example, the Research Innovation Center (RIC) serves as a vehicle to perform collaborative research with CSU’s community of life sciences researchers, preparing a solid foundation for medical breakthroughs.