CSU Ventures works closely with faculty entrepreneurs as well as outside investors and entrepreneurs to promote new enterprises. From new companies that are already underway to new startup opportunities that are still coalescing, we have startups in a variety of stages – many of which are still looking for further investment or executive leadership.

We have divided our startup opportunities into three categories: Existing Startups, Early Stage Startups, and Candidate Technologies with the potential to be the basis of a new startup opportunity. These categories are described below.

Of course, we have new opportunities arising all of the time, so contact us to hear more about the latest innovations and entrepreneurial ventures happening at CSU.

Existing Startups

CSU Ventures has assisted in the formation and development of dozens of companies dedicated to the commercialization of innovations created at CSU. Peruse a list of our successful startups.

CSU Early Stage Startups

For investors and entrepreneurs looking to get involved early in the lifecycle of a startup, we have multiple opportunities to engage.  These startup companies are either still forming or just recently formed – most are seeking executive-level talent and/or financial support.  Here you will find a list of these early stage companies.

Candidate Technologies

For investors and entrepreneurs looking to build a company from the very beginning, we have assembled a list of CSU innovations that we have identified as having the potential to serve as a platform technology on which to base a company. Take a look.