Advanced Therapeutic Delivery System for Modulating Multiple Biological Responses


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​US Utility Patent: US 9034355 B2


Melissa Reynolds
Vinod Babu Damodaran

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​Researchers at Colorado State University have developed biocompatible polymer materials and methods for treating various diseases by controlling multiple cellular responses through the systematic release of nitric oxide.  This advanced therapeutic delivery system is able to deliver various biological agents that modulate biological responses, wherein the system can cause cell death followed by wound healing.

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Steve Foster

Reference No.:  10-112


​In the case of injury, whether a consequence of surgery or from an accident or mishap, wounds do not heal completely, often leading to additional health complications.  One of the reasons for this is because in wound injuries, multiple biochemical pathways are activated and thus in order to achieve complete healing, simultaneous modulation of multiple biological responses is needed.  Similarly, in many disease states, several different cell and protein types are affected and to treat the disease effectively, all of the affected cell types must be treated.  This involves developing methods and materials that can effectively modulate multiple biological responses.

  • Continuous, localized delivery can be tuned to prevent and promote cell growth
  • System can be used at any material-biointerface where an injury or incision occurs
  • Can promote vascularization and prevent clotting/overgrowth of tissue – ideal for cardiovascular applications
  • Cancer treatment
  • Cardiovascular applications
  • Organ transplant and preservation
  • Artificial limb placement
  • Any treatment to control cellular behavior (e.g. cell death, cell growth, cell activity): vasodilation, thrombosis, smooth muscle proliferation, angiogenesis, neurotransmission, protein adhesion, etc.

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Last updated: July 2020

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