BaDah Clarinet Trainer App

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Gary Moody


The BaDah Clarinet Trainer is an App designed to help improve the coordination of multiple simultaneous finger motions necessary for clean performance of woodwind musical instruments. When there is a lack of simultaneity, the listener hears a “ba-dah” between notes, and eliminating this “ba-dah” is the key to clean technique. The App takes advantage of the device’s stopwatch capability and measures any time differences between the “simultaneous” pressing and lifting of two or more fingers.  Superimposed over an actual-size photo of a clarinet, the “stop/start” buttons of the stopwatch mimics the motions and felt and sounds heard as if one were playing an actual clarinet.

With value to a wide range of experience levels, the BaDah Precision Woodwind Trainer serves to enhance the rate of progress of beginning students as well as to refine the motion of professionals. The user is given both auditory and data feedback that informs the user about any fingering mis-coordination.

Based graphically using a simulated clarinet, this tool is helpful in developing more-precise finger coordination for any woodwind instrument.


Licensing Manager

Angie Freeman

Reference No.: 17-075

Last updated: November 2019.