Bioanalytical Reagent: Nanobody Fusion Protein for ELISA and Related Bioanalytical Techniques


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Virginia Bruce
Brian McNaughton

Technology Overview

In many bioanalytical techniques, antibodies are essential for performing a technique.  These antibodies recognize a particular protein (known as an epitope) and are often linked/conjugated to proteins or dyes to allow visualization (known as reporters).  The size and complexity of traditional antibodies and the reporter conjugates complicates their preparation and increases the costs.  In response to this problem, newer, more practical antibody-based reagents have been developed including minimalist antibodies that are smaller and structurally simpler.  One example is a nanobody, a small (15 kda) protein that can be engineered to recognize various receptors.

Recently, a nanobody (BC2) that recognizes a short peptide (BC2T) was developed and published.  Using this BC2 nanobody and BC2T platform, researchers at CSU developed a way to quickly and effectively produce and conjugate various reporters to both the nanobody BC2 and the peptide tag BC2T.  These conjugated BC2/BC2T platforms were tested and validated in ELISA, western blot, and flow cytometry performing at or above traditional methods.  This production method and BC2/BC2T platform will allow easy adaption to other conjugates and possible other bioanalytical techniques.


Licensing Director

Steve Foster

Reference No.: 17-050

  • Antibody free detection of protein-protein interactions
  • Simple and stable reagent for ELISA and related bioanalytical methods
  • Easier to produce and purify than traditional antibodies
  • Performs at or above traditional reagents for the bioanalytical methods (e.g. ELISA, Flow Cytometry, and Western Blot)
  • Inexpensive to manufacture
  • Long shelf-life
  • Ability to be conjugated to a multitude of known reporters

  • Western Blot

  • Flow Cytometry

  • Immunohistochemistry

  • Other possible techniques


Bruce, V.J.; McNaughton, B.R. “Evaluation of Nanobody Conjugates and Protein Fusions as Bioanalytical Reagents” Analytical Chemistry DOI: 1021/acs.analchem.7b00470

Last updated: November 2019.