Colorado has a long and rich tradition of growing potatoes dating back to the early 1880’s and today, is one of the top production areas in the U.S. The CSU potato breeding program is based at the San Luis Valley Research Center which is engaged in various potato research programs including: (1) breeding and selection, (2) pathology, (3) crop management and field physiology, (4) postharvest physiology, and (5) seed certification. Many of the potato cultivars developed at CSU are transferred to our largest commercialization partner, the Colorado Certified Potato Growers Association (CCPGA).  Since 1975 there have been 28 potatoes named by the Colorado State University Potato Breeding and Selection Program in the San Luis Valley of Colorado.  Market classes represented are russets, reds, specialties, and chippers.  Another 19 cultivars were cooperatively released with other programs.

CSU also runs the Colorado Potato Certification Service, part of the Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture.  The Colorado Potato Certification Service is the designated authority for seed potato certification in Colorado, as authorized by the Colorado Department of Agriculture. Rules and Regulations for seed potato certification are reviewed annually, with appropriate updates and edits as supported by scientific basis. All edits require approval by Colorado State University Legal Services. Colorado Certified Potato Growers’ Association acts as an advisory committee pertaining to rules and regulations edits.

For more information about CSU Potato Breeding Program visit CSU’s Potato Breeding Program Website.

Potato Varieties