​Direct Immune-microbiome Quantitation for Assessing Immune Health and Disease Resistance

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Steve Dow
Lyndah Chow
William Wheat

At A Glance

Researchers at Colorado State University have developed a novel diagnostic test to assess immune health and disease response to therapies directly at sites of pathogen exposure at mucosal surfaces.

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Licensing Director

Steve Foster

Reference No.: 2020-029

Technology Overview

The diagnostic test developed here uses microbiome samples obtained by swabbing mucosal surfaces (e.g., nose oropharynx colon reproductive tract, etc.) and measuring immunoglobulin responses (IgG and IgA) against bacteria in these samples using flow cytometry.  The test provides both a quantitative and qualitative assessment of immunoglobulin binding to bacteria in these sites.  This information is in turn correlated with disease resistance (respiratory or GI disease) and treatment effects (e.g., antibiotic treatment, probiotics, nutrition).

  • Directly assess local immune response and impact of antimicrobial therapy/immunotherapy
  • Ability to correlate data with susceptibility to respiratory or GI disease
  • Determine impact of probiotics or other microbiome manipulations
  • Potential to assess impact of age and nutrition on immune status
  • Diagnostic test for assessing immune health and treatment effects
  • Application in pharmaceutical and diagnostic companies (both veterinary and human health)

Last updated: June 2021

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