Friendship Matters Training Bundle


Available for Immediate Download ($65.00)


Molly Parsons


The Friendships Matter training program was developed through the department of psychology at Colorado State University. Friendships Matter is an electronically available curriculum and training series to teach mental health professionals how to create and administer a social skills group therapy treatment for children with significant social skills deficits. The Friendships Matter program provides training through a series of video episodes available to stream online or download for mental health professionals (such as therapists, psychologists and school counselors) who will be taught to deliver naturalistic socials skills instruction to children and be provided with the downloadable curriculum to start a social skills group in their community.

Licensing Director

Steve Foster

Reference No.: 17-030

The Friendships Matter training bundle includes:
  1. Six training episodes
  2. One resource manual includes:
      • Eight sessions of social skills group curriculum
      • Parent handouts
      • Weekly homework assignments
      • Group paperwork

Learn how to teach children the skills they need for a happy, successful life!

Last updated: November 2019