HomeFlow: Dynamic Visualization of Home IoT Traffic


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​Jarret Flack
Drew Johnston
Francisco Ortega
Indrakshi Ray

At A Glance

​Researchers at Colorado State University have developed an at Home Network (HomeFlow) that allows homeowners to intuitively understand and defend their Internet of Things (IoT) devices with a 3D visualization of their network traffic.

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Licensing Manager

Jessy McGowan

Reference No.: 2019-107

Technology Overview

The home network, internet of things (IoT), 3D visualizer empowers the consumer to be able to view their internet on a display.  This allows the consumer to become more educated on the traffic their home devices are creating and aids them in defending themselves from potential malicious activity in their home traffic. This software has two main components, a back-end code base that records internet traffic from a router and then streams this data to the front-end client. The front-end client is the interface the consumer uses to view the visualization of their internet traffic. When the visualization starts, the front end receives the internet data from the back-end stream and dynamically creates a visualization.  Home devices are grouped together around a home icon. Device and remote servers are mapped out by geographical location.  Lines are drawn between each device communicating to represent a data flow.  The visualization is a real time animation of a consumer’s internet traffic.

  • Educates users about home device network
  • Enables users to understand potential malicious activity and defend home network
  • Visualization is in real time
  • Software package for home network

Last updated: July 2020

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