Magnetically Responsive Membranes for Fluid Filtration (and the Synthesis thereof)


Figure 1. The modified membranes with increased fluid velocity led to mixing – which caused the flow to change direction and/or velocity.  This change appears as velocity vectors of varying direction and/or length as well as field lines with chaotic (non-parallel) pathways.  This mixing reduces membrane colloidal fouling by reducing concentration polarization and deposition of particles onto the membrane surface.



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US Utility Patent: US 9132389

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  • Novel approach to reduce concentration polarization and fouling during filtration
  • Use of magnetically responsive micro-mixing membranes increase the efficiency of the filtration and increases the purity of the effluent
  • Important tool for separation and reaction engineering – e.g. reverse osmosis, nanofiltration, and ultra filtration


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Reference No.:  11-004

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Last updated: May 2020

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