Microfluidic Multiplexed Cytology – Cytochemical Staining System


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US Utility Patent: US 9295988


Charles Henry
Matthew Feirer
Meghan Mensack

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Researchers at Colorado State University have developed a faster, more efficient system for the analysis of cell morphology, composition, and phenotyping using a microfluidic cytology system — enabling multiple stains to be performed on a slide simultaneously. The system provides a novel approach to microscopic tissue analysis, over-coming numerous limitations by allowing a single slide to be used for multiple assays.

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Steve Foster

Reference No.:  11-071


Microscopic tissue analysis plays an extremely important role in the diagnosis of many diseases. With most incisional and excisional biopsy samples, tissues are fixed and embedded in paraffin blocks, allowing for the re-cutting of as many slides as necessary to ensure an accurate diagnosis. In contrast, the number of submitted slides for commonly obtained cytology samples, such as fine needle aspirates, tissue imprints, and fluid preparations are often limited, restricting the number of stains that can be used in diagnosis. If an additional cytochemical or immunocytological staining is deemed necessary, re-sampling is often required, resulting in increased costs, time to diagnosis, and additionally, increased patient stress.

  • Reduces the use of reagents and processing time
  • Reduces the number of samples to be obtained from a patient
  • Eliminates needs for large costly analyzers to process samples
  • Greater accuracy – resulting in better patient outcomes and reduced healthcare costs
  • Enables simultaneous performance and detection of multiple cytochemical and immunological based stains
  • Faster, more efficient system for analysis of morphology composition and phenotyping –
  • Clinical diagnosis of medical conditions or disease using biopsy sampling

Last updated: May 2020

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