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Many companies are trying to improve certain parts of the lithium-ion battery technology but here at Prieto Battery, we decided to redesign the entire architecture. And so far the results have been promising, Prieto Battery is poised to commercialize a battery that will deliver transformational performance in power density, improved energy density, last longer and will be made using non-toxic chemistry.

Prieto’s initial offer is a sample-ready negative electrode (anode), with the ultimate goal of delivering a 3D full cell. Our fully operational R&D prototype line is equipped, staffed and producing functioning solid state cells at room temperature.


How an Idea
Became a Company


Founder Amy Prieto shares her memories on the origin of Prieto Battery:


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CSU-Affiliated Founders

Amy Prieto, PhD

Professor, Department of Chemistry

Why Prieto Battery continues to inspire me to commercialize


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Founder Amy Prieto


How Prieto Battery compliments my academic research


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Founder Amy Prieto