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Each year hundreds of crosses are made between different kinds of potatoes. This produces true potato seed, which is similar to but smaller than a tomato seed. When these seeds are planted in the greenhouse, they grow into potato plants that produce small tubers. These potatoes are all genetically different. That is, they may differ in shape, color, cooking qualities, and other important characteristics from their parents.

Chippers specifically, are a type of potato used to make potato chips, usually with white skin, white flesh and round shape.

Licensing Manager

Jessy McGowan

Reference: Per Individual Variety

Advanced Chipper Selections Available through CCPGA
Winterset (CO02321-4W: NY115 x BC0894-2W)

Pedigree: NY115 x BC0894-2W
Plant Variety Protection: 201800158
Plant Breeder Rights: Australia 2018/173
Seed Availability: San Luis Valley Research Center
CCPGA Variety Info & Contact
Ref. No.: 18-074


  • A medium maturing chipper with high yield potential.  It has a high percentage of US No. 1 tubers and processing potential. 

General Characteristics:

  • Usage: Chipping
  • Plant: Medium vine size, semi-erect plants with little purple flowers
  • Maturity: Medium
  • Tubers: Round tubers with white skin and white flesh. Tubers are resistant to hollow heart, growth crack, second growth and shatter bruise.
  • Yield Potential: High (avg. 423 cwt/acre) and a high percentage of US No. 1 tubers (80%)
  • Specific Gravity: High (1.101)


  • High yield potential
  • Processing potential
  • High percentage of US No. 1 tubers
Last updated: February 2021
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