Delivery System for Therapeutic Nucleic Acids and Vaccines


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​European Patent: EP 3096621
PCT Patent Pending: WO 2018/187381 A3 


Lyndsey Linke
Darcy Mora

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Data has indicated that in various respiratory illnesses, using small interfering RNA (siRNA) as therapeutics has shown either prevention of the onset of clinical symptoms or reduction in the severity of disease, including reducing viral titers or virus shedding.

Based on this premise, SiVEC Biotechnologies, a startup out of Colorado State University, is developing a nucleic acid therapeutic for COVID-19, using their nucleic acid delivery system to target specific tissues affected by the virus.

SiVEC’s proprietary delivery system for nucleic acid therapeutics and vaccines has a favorable safety profile and large therapeutic window that can target critical tissues for COVID-19 protection.

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Reference No.:  13-063


The core technology is a patent pending system (platform technology) for delivering nucleic acid (NA) drugs, vaccines (mRNA), and gene-editing tools (CRISPR) to specific tissues. This system uses engineered nonpathogenic (“safe”) bacteria for targeted delivery of large NA payloads to mucosal epithelial tissues. The SiVEC delivery system provides a large therapeutic window, payload stabilization, and tissue targeted delivery with a favorable safety profile demonstrated by a lack of toxicity and immunogenicity concerns to date. While this system can be applied to a wide range of NA therapies and vaccines for blockbuster disease indications including infectious diseases, cancer, and rare genetic disorders, SiVEC’s lead indication is a siRNA drug for preventing influenza, SiVEC-IAV™. The company has been awarded $3 million from NIH/NIAID to begin IND-enabling studies. They are simultaneously expanding their expertise to focus on developing a nucleic acid based vaccine for SARS-CoV-2, the agent responsible for COVID-19. Several leading global biopharma companies have expressed strong interest in the technology, putting SiVEC on a clear path to build out its product pipeline.

  • Safe and stable delivery
  • Specific tissue targeting using engineered bacteria
  • Non-toxic and non-immunogenic
  • Large therapeutic window
  • Strong pre-clinical data indicates localization and repeated dose safety

Last updated: April 2020

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