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SiVEC Biotechnologies is an innovative R&D company building a portfolio of therapeutic biological products, including antivirals for the rapid prevention and treatment of diseases.  SiVEC Biotechnologies holds expertise and intellectual property (IP) for a platform technology that can be applied to target a wide range of diseases in humans and animals. Efforts are focused on broadening our bacterial platform’s applications, with an emphasis on ensuring strong IP protection.

SiVEC’s current product platforms include:  a biological platform for nucleic acid delivery, SiVEC-IAV™ – a biological antiviral for human flu, and SiVEC-AIV™ – a biological antiviral for avian flu.


How an Idea
Became a Company


Founder Lynsey Linke shares her memories on the origin of SiVEC:


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CSU-Affiliated Founders

Lyndsey Linke, PhD

Department of Clinical Sciences, Administrative Professional

How founding SiVEC changed my career goals


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Founder Lyndsey Linke