Smart Well Device and Multimodal System for Multi-Analyte Monitoring and Processing


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US Utility Patent Pending: US 2020/0324289


Thomas Chen 
Daniel Ball
Caleb Begly 

At A Glance

Investigators at Colorado State University have developed a Smart Well Device and Multimodal System.  The system incorporates a smart well plate having miniature sensors inside each well to allow real-time monitoring of biological processes within each well.  Furthermore, the set of sensors can be configured to allow customization and data can be augmented using optical imaging. The smart well plate may be operated as a stand-alone device, or incorporated into the larger Multimodal system, having an environmentally regulated chamber and motor system equipped with built-in optical microscopy with sophisticated software for real-time monitoring, observation, and multi-analyte analysis of biological samples all-in-one. 

The environmentally regulated bioanalysis chamber with imaging allows scientists to run experiments within an environment with known temperature, humidity, and oxygen levels. Unlike existing chambers that only regulate temperature and humidity, The Multimodal system here is capable of regulating oxygen concentration for hypoxic conditions to mimic various cellular environments, such as the digestive tract. 



Licensing Manager

Jessy McGowan

Reference No.:  2019-079

Technology Overview
  • Cost effective 
  • User friendly 
  • Multi functions 
  • Optimized size 
  • Provides continuous monitoring 
  • Provides simultaneous monitoring of target analytes 
  • Wireless interface 
  • Environmental measurements
  • Live tissue and associated biomarker research
  • Real-time cell culture, growth and cell counting experiments 
  • Standard and sophisticated monitoring
  • Academic Biomedical and Chemistry research Labs 
  • Medical device 
  • Biomedical science education

Last updated: May 2020

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