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Thomas Chen 
Daniel Ball
Caleb Begly 

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Investigators at Colorado State University have developed a Smart BioBox that is an environmental chamber equipped with built-in microscopy with sophisticated software for real-time monitoring, observation, and multi-analyte analysis of biological samples. 

Licensing Director

Mandana Ashouri

Reference No.:  2019-079


Bio Box is an environmentally regulated, general purpose bioanalysis chamber with imaging. It allows scientists to run their experiments in an environment with known temperature, humidity, and oxygen levels. Unlike existing chambers which only regulate temperature and humidity, Bio Box will also be capable of regulating the oxygen concentration for hypoxic conditions to mimic the environment of cells in locations such as the digestive tract. Currently this is mimicked in labs by introducing premixed air (usually 5% or 10% oxygen) over the sample. However, researchers do not have the ability to precisely control or measure the oxygen in the environment.  

The high price of existing environmental control chambers and their associated microscopes and cameras can be prohibitive. The size and design of existing chambers leads to a long setup time in order to stabilize the chamber environment for an experiment. Further, there is no way to verify conditions are maintained in the long term. Bio Box will be a small, inexpensive chamber capable of settling faster and maintaining the desired environment throughout the experiment. It will have built in imaging that should be adequate for a majority of common use cases. 

  • Cost effective 
  • User friendly 
  • Multi functions 
  • Optimized size 
  • Environmental measurements
  • Studying live tissue and associated biomarkers in real time
  • Real-time cell culture, growth and cell counting experiments 
  • Standard and sophisticated monitoring

Last updated: February 2020

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