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To accelerate the world’s transition to a sustainable Circular Economy for Plastics.


To create the most compelling plastics company of the 21st century by driving the world’s transition to chemically recyclable bioplastics.

Enabling A Circular Economy

SusMer, Inc. is an early phase Colorado company established to profitably commercialize an infinitely recyclable plastics technology that was developed in the Center for Sustainable Monomers and Polymers at Colorado State University. SusMer, Inc. has secured a global exclusive license from CSU, to continue to develop, manufacture, sell, sub-license, and globally commercialize this technology platform. SusMer, Inc. is developing a novel technology to create chemically recyclable bioplastics whereby monomer starting materials are recovered with virgin quality and in high yield at the bioplastic’s end of life for reuse again through low energy, closed-loop chemical recycling. The SusMer’s bioplastic polymers offer competitive performance advantages versus petroleum-based plastics such as PET and LDPE, and superior robust barrier, thermal, and mechanical properties performance advantages to other bio-based plastic polymers such as PLA and PHB. The market customers indicate there is high desirability for a bioplastic that has improved mechanical and barrier properties than PLA, especially when it comes to water vapor. The polymer SusMer is commercializing has very favorable mechanical and barrier performance characteristics than PLA on these variables. Our next two years will be focused on providing material samples to early adopters to validate our product-market fit before raising capital for some Capital Expenditures such as depolymerization machines and larger reactors.

Why We Are Inspired to Commercialize

Part of what inspires us to commercialize our technologies is the fact that by 2050, the world is on pace to have more weight from plastic in the ocean than from fish.  To help develop alternatives to current plastics, the Department of Energy, our key partner, has awarded us both Phase I ($200,000) and Phase II ($1.1M) grants to support commercialization efforts.  These efforts would not be possible without the partnership with CSU Ventures, as they have provided substantial support and resources as we scale our technology.

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Jake Larger

Chief Financial Officer

Phone: 937-572-1884

CSU-Affiliated Co-Founder

Eugene Chen, PhD

Professor, John K. Stille Endowed Chair in Chemistry

CSU-Affiliated Co-Founder

Ravikumar R. Gowda, PhD

Research Scientist II, Chen Research Group

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