Travis Bailey, PhD

Professor, Chemical & Biological Engineering

Areas of Collaborative Interest

My lab focuses on the design of polymeric systems, typically functionalized block copolymers, that have a latent capacity to self-initiate structuring or re-structuring processes during processing and/or use, and for which the nanostructure generated provides a performance advantage in the intended application. We have begun developing strategies for tuning the mechanical properties of such swollen networks using light, incorporating direct photopatterning capabilities, improving the toughness of such systems once swollen, and building in improved resistance to fracture – all characteristics aimed at advancing the utility of these unique materials.

I am interested in collaborating in the following areas:

  • licensing our technologies
  • biological soft tissue mimics
  • membrane development
  • nanostructured polymer systems
  • hydrogels and ionic elastomers
Issued Patents
  • US10532130B2:  Soft tissue mimetics and thermoplastic elastomer hydrogels
  • US10428185B2:  Thermoplastic elastomer hydrogels
  • US10167387B2:  Synthetic polymeric materials and devices thereof
  • US10125228B2:  Phototunable thermoplastic elastomer hydrogel networks
  • US9669159B2:  Tongue stimulation for communication of information to a user

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