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Yellow potatoes have skins and flesh that range from pale yellow to golden yellow.  Typically these potatoes are round to slightly oblong and their flesh has a delicious buttery flavor.


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Jillian Lang

Reference: Per Individual Variety

Advanced Yellow Selections Available through CCPGA


Vista Gold (CO05037-3W/Y: AC99330-1P/Y x CO97227-2P/PW)

Pedigree: Midnight Moon x CO97227-2P/PW
Plant Variety Protection: Filed
Seed Availability: San Luis Valley Research Center
CCPGA Variety Info & Contact
Ref. No.: 2021-050


  • A fresh market specialty with white skin and yellow flesh. It has very high yield potential and a medium-early maturity. The attractive oval tubers have a small size profile and are resistant to internal and external grade defects.

General Characteristics:

  • Usage: Fresh market specialty
  • Plant: Medium vine size, semi-erect plants with light purple flowers
  • Maturity: Medium-early
  • Tubers: Oval tubers with white skin and yellow flesh. Tubers are resistant to blackspot bruise, growth crack, second growth and hollow heart.
  • Yield Potential: High (avg. 45 cwt/acre) and 55% of US No. 1 tubers
  • Specific Gravity: Medium (1.079)


  • High yield potential
  • Attractive tuber type
  • Small tuber size profile
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Last updated: February 2021
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