LAUNCHPAD works with CSU faculty, researchers and staff who have an innovation that may be the foundation of a startup company.

LAUNCHPAD is a CSUV program that works with founders from idea through formation and launch of the company. First steps focus on evaluation of intellectual property, technical readiness level, and product-market fit to confirm that the best path to market is as a startup rather than a license to an existing company. Next steps focus on completing a license to the technology, choice of legal entity, team formation, business plan, and funding strategy.

Finally, we work with the startup principals to identify resources from the region’ entrepreneurial community that may fill gaps and optimize the newco’s potential to succeed. Together, we hope to accelerate innovation to the market for maximal societal and economic impact, and personal gratification.

LAUNCHPAD services include:

    • workshops and tools to help evaluate and accelerate potential university startup companies,
    • unique access to mentors and advisors in Fort Collins and the Front Range needed to address specific startup needs throughout development, and
    • guiding startups to accessing capital via private capital, revenue, partnerships and grant opportunities.

The FUEL program is designed to help CSU innovators access funding to accelerate commercialization of innovations developed at CSU. Each academic year, the FUEL program will select a cohort of CSU inventors that are at an early stage of development and are needing R&D funds to continue to develop their innovations. The FUEL program incorporates the Advanced Industries Proof of Concept grant program that is provided by the State of Colorado and administered through CSU Ventures.

Support consists of two essential components:

  1. R&D Seed Funding – up to $200K for up to 2 years of support.
  2. Commercialization Workshops – MARKET, MAP, R2M, and FUND to increase the potential for success.

The FY21 Fuel Program is closed to new applicants.  The FY22 FUEL Program application period will open in Summer/Fall 2021.


CSU Ventures Startup Company Primer Image

CSU’s Startup Company Primer provides useful information to faculty, staff, students or entrepreneurs about commercializing Colorado State University (CSU) derived innovations.

R2M (Research to Market) is intended to ensure product market fit for each funded team. R2M leverages proven methods to clarify customer problems in specific markets and helps teams optimize R&D strategies to enter those markets. This program includes workshops, intensive classroom instruction, as well as $3K travel grants available for customer discovery.

Next R2M opportunity:

  • Dates for 2021 R2M Program are in January & February, 2021.  

2019-2020 R2M Program Description [PDF]

Launchpad Market Workshop Logo

Learn strategies to identify the best markets to launch the first product based on your technology, as well as assess the competition you will face in those markets. 

Next MARKET Workshop Opportunity:


  • Summer/Fall 2021

LAUNCHPAD mapping workshop logo

Work with CSUV and industry experts to develop high fidelity process maps that breakdown the commercialization process into discrete steps.

Next MAP Workshop opportunity:


  • Summer/Fall 2021


Learn critical strategies to attract Federal SBIR/STTR funds, State of Colorado Early Stage Capital and Retention funds, as well as Investor opportunities.

Next FUND Workshop opportunity:


  • Dates for 2021 Academic year not yet scheduled


For more information about upcoming LAUNCHPAD events or how LAUNCHPAD can guide your startup, please contact us.