Dr. Dan Voytas will be speaking on Genome Editing in Rice: Development and Application. This seminar is the first “State of Innovation” Speaker Series to highlight innovative technologies for CSU and Northern Colorado, such as CRISPR/Cas9, and how it navigates (1) academic research (2) policy, and (3) commercialization/industry over the course of three separate seminars.

What: CRISPR – Genome Editing Seminar
Who: Dr. Dan Voytas, Director of the Center for Genome Editing, University of Minnesota
Where: Colorado State University LSC room 302 “Longs Peak Room”
When: Monday, July 10th at 4 PM

We hope to see you July 10th, when Dr. Voytas discusses “Genome Editing in Rice: Development and Application”. Reception to follow.

More information is available here: State of Innovation Information