Reprint of Original Story published 8/3/2020, by Jacob Akins, on

These 10 universities are contributing to solving the Coronavirus pandemic in various important ways.


For example, university virologists and academics are working with large drug companies to create vaccines, sometimes on a worldwide scale, such as Harvard working with Johnson and Johnson, and Oxford working with AstraZeneca.

The solutions that are being developed to fight the virus fall into these main categories:

  • Treatments (vaccines, therapeutics)
  • Testing and Diagnostics
  • Contagion Mapping
  • Contact Tracing
  • Data Collection and Analyses
  • Education

Certain universities are researching and developing solutions in many of these domains at the same time. All of these areas are important and work together synergistically toward the common goal of defeating the virus and its effects on the world as much as can be achieved.


  1. Harvard University: Vaccines
  2. University of Oxford: Vaccines
  3. The Eli & Edythe Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard: Diagnostics, Clinical Testing, Therapeutics, Surveillance, Disease Biology, Data & Portals, Videos and Seminars
  4. Colorado State University, Fort Collins: 25+ Projects, including Vaccines
  5. Johns Hopkins University: Interactive Contagion Mapping, Testing Results Numbers, Free Online Contact Tracing Class
  6. University of Georgia: Vaccines
  7. University of Michigan, Ann Arbor: Vaccines, Covid-19 Research Index
  8. University of Montana: Vaccines
  9. University of Pittsburgh: Vaccines
  10. University of Wisconsin-Madison: Vaccines